About Helpperz


So let us guess…you use the internet for virtually everything i.e. Movie Tickets/Shopping/Holidays/Food ordering etc etc. All these can be done at the click of a button.

The founding team at Helpperz also does the same. But we did have a real life predicament when we wanted to hire a babysitter for our new born angel.

Suddenly we realized that there were not enough choices or options available on the net. Yes there were booking agencies but they are unreliable.

We had to face the same problem when our cook left us without informing and when our maid had to leave for her hometown due to an emergency.

We had to rely on the traditional method of references. Eventually we reached out to other maids, Security guards in the building, friends and any reference which came our way to help us find and hire a maid, Cook and Babysitter.

At that point we realized that there would be so many households going through the same problem because the grey collared workforce is highly unorganized and therefore it becomes a pain to find and hire good household help.

Thus was born Helpperz: Our endeavor to solve the problem of hiring household help with ease.

We analyzed that the following problem presented itself

·         There is no comprehensive database of Employable Grey collared workers available.

·         Whatever data of grey collared workers is available is again not organized properly .i.e. there is no location specific data of helpers available in and around where you stay.

·         There is limited choice when going through service providers.

·         How is Helpperz Trying to solve this problem

·         Building a comprehensive database of grey collared workers and Household help. Consumer wants to have a choice while hiring Specific Helpers like Maid Servants, Cooks, Babysitters or Drivers. You would like to meet a few people and discuss your requirements before you finalize your choice. Helpperz gives you this option.


·         Most optimal and localized Results with choice of numerous filters: Using Location based technology Helpperz Shows results of Individuals and service providers who work in the vicinity of your residence thereby giving you the most optimal set to choose from. These people can be easily contacted, interviewed and finalized in person before hiring. These results can be further improved by using specific filters as per your requirement.  


About the Founder

Helpperz has been founded by Ashutosh Bakshi who has over a decade of Experience in the field of Marketing, Advertising and Communication and Product Development to name a few.He is a Management Graduate with Majors in Marketing from Institute of management Technolgy (IMT Ghaziabad). A commerce Graduate with Honours from Delhi University and completed his schooling from The Scindia School in Gwalior.


His last professional assignment was in a Senior Marketing role at Tano Capital backed luggage Maker Safari Industries. Apart from helpperz he is also involved in other startup ventures as a Partner.

Want to Hire a Maid, Bai,Cook,Babysitter,Nanny,Driver,Old age-Patient care staff?

Just follow simple steps below


Shortlist helpers on the basis of your requirement.

Choose from Full/Part time Helpers
with police verification/Work
Timing/Services/Salary etc.


Submit your shortlist to us for verification

We will verify the availability of shortlisted helpers and revert to you.


Call and finalize the terms

Simply call the helper, discuss your requirements and terms and if required call for a face to face meeting before hiring.

Helpers we offer


2000+ Maids in Database


1194 + Cooks in Database.

Baby Sitter

750+ Babysitters in Database.


500+ Drivers in Database.

Old age care

100+ Old age/Patient Care Staff in Database


Please contact us for any other manpower Requirement.